About US


Warrior Community Connect (WCC) is an all-volunteer, Delaware-based 501 (3) (C) nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting local wounded veterans and their families in Delmar. Our mission is to engage wounded, ill or injured veterans and their families in health and wellness programs that enable healing and resiliency through a community of peers and trusted resources.


Warrior Community Connect Founder and President Walt Ellenberger began his journey for veterans in 2001 as one of the original riders and organizers of Ride Allegheny, a biking fundraiser for Operation Second Chance benefiting wounded warriors. The annual ride goes from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, to the Washington, D.C., area. Over the last 22 years, Ride Allegheny has raised over four million dollars.

In 2011, following his move from Washington DC metro area to the Delaware Shore, he and his wife Val organized a paddleboard event called Paddle Second Chance, which has raised over $360,000 for Operation Second Chance since its inception. In January of 2020 the concept of a more community-based focus supporting local wounded veterans and their families become a realty with the formation of the non-profit organization Wounded Warrior Connect.

Inaugural Year 2020

Despite the challenges of COVID-19, our team persisted, establishing the brand and infrastructure for Warrior Community Connect, which offers a new community-focused approach and vision for supporting local wounded veteran families. A grant and partnership with AmeriCorps Delaware provided the resources to create a team of dedicated volunteers to launch WCC successfully. AmeriCorp’s initial support laid the foundation during challenging times of the Pandemic for WCC to move back to being independent of government support with the support of private sponsors.

We currently support over 80 local wounded veteran families and provide ten (10) health and wellness, food and needs support programs for our growing community.

Thank you to Our Supporters